U-Pick blueberry farm. They provide buckets. Call ahead of time before going, since you want to go on a day when the crop is good. On a good day you can pick five pounds, which will fill a one gallon bucket (provided)!


2010 season

Monday, July 12 2010 is expected opening date.

The price of berries /lb. is $1.60/lb

2009 season

August 2: Crop is excellent... nonstop picking. My wife and I got 16lbs in about two hours.

July 12: expected to open Monday, July 20 2009. The price is $1.60/lb.


The 2008 season is OPEN as of July 20; "picking is a little slow right now, but it will pick up and we should have good picking through the end of July and August".

  • An August 1 visit had excellent picking, 2.5 lbs of berries, and enough ripe ones that you could stand in one spot and pick for a few minutes.
  • A July 26 visit generated 1 quart of berries from a correspondent, "lots of green berries still on the bush"
  • A July 20 visit found the best berries near the power line, with considerably more unripe berries than ripe ones.
  • User:Murph's July 20 visit found same; my one-hour pick rate is 5 pounds, but I only made 1.5 pounds in that time.


The 2007 season is open as of July 13.


Dexter Blueberry Farm 11024 Beach Road, Dexter MI. (734) 426-2900

Website: http://www.dexterblueberry.com/

U-pick blueberries only. $1.55 per pound. Not organic. A few incidental blackberries, free. Open Mid-July through Labor Day. Monday-Saturday, 8:30am-7:30pm; Sunday, noon-6pm.

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