Old UNT Bus (No longer used)

The Denton County Transportation Authority runs the public transportation in Denton and connects with both Lewisville and Highland Village. The DCTA offers a wide range of transportation options.




DCTA Connect offers local fixed-route services operating in the cities of Lewisville and Denton. The routes were configured to provide easy access to many destinations within these cities.

DCTA currently operates nine routes in Denton (numbered 1 through 9), three routes in Lewisville (numbered 21 through 23), and an on-demand service called Connect RSVP in Highland Village. All routes can be found here.

College Shuttles

DCTA also operates nine shuttles that serve University of North Texas students:

  • Mean Green
  • North Texan
  • Discovery Park
  • Eagle Point
  • Campus Cruiser
  • Bernard Street
  • Sam Bass
  • Colorado Express
  • Centre Place

DCTA also operates a shuttle service for Denton and Lewisville commuting students to the Corinth and Flower Mound NCTC campus.


DCTA operates the A-train, a regional passenger rail line connecting Carrollton and Denton, to meet growing transportation demands in eastern Denton County. The A-train parallels Interstate 35E and is a logical extension with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Green Line at Trinity Mills Station in Carrollton.

It has five stations — two in Denton, one in Highland Village, and two in Lewisville — and opened June 20, 2011.


Fares vary widely depending on where you start and where you want to end up. A full list of all fare costs can be found here.

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