They're where we get our utilities from.


Denton Municipal Electric (DME) is Denton's electricity provider. The service has been in operation since 1905.


City of Denton Water Utilities provide water, wastewater, and drainage services to the greater Denton area. For a water audit call (940) 349-7137. To establish water and wastewater service for a site not already connected to city utilities, contact Water Distribution at (940) 349-7176 for information about tap and impact fees.

Solid Waste

The north side of town has its trash picked up on Monday and Thursday. The south side of town is picked up on Tuesday and Friday.  Each single-family home in Denton receives weekly recycling collection on one of their regularly scheduled garbage collection days, varying by neighborhood. For more information call (940) 349-8787.

Bills and Payment

Bills are sent by mail. The easiest ways to pay for Denton utility bills are online or with the Pre-Authorized Bill Payment service. You can also mail in your bills, pay at a utilities service location, use a drop box, or pay by phone.

Bills are due sixteen days after they are issued. Five days lenience is given before a $20 late charge is added. If you miss another cycle, they start charging a 1% interest penalty and give you a two day notice by telephone before reserving the right to disconnect you. Don't get disconnected if you can help it, as there is an additional reconnection fee.


The Denton Municipal Utilities website.

Phone-based Contact

Customer Service: (940) 349-8700 [for general questions, questions about bills and so on, and to cancel services if you are moving]

TDD: (800) 735-2989

Emergency Service: (940) 349-7000 [to report an utilities-related emergency]

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