The Total Knock-Outs are TCRG’s black and bluest team. A merciless mix of dedication, athleticism, and brawn, these ladies strive to knock you out, just like mamma told them to. Their gloves are off and their skates are laced – the TKOs are ready to hit hard and sting like bees.

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Annaslaysia Killsemov #47, Rain Blows Brite #13, Scream Filled Cupcake #99, Groins #462, Fox Smoulder #1013 (Captain), Lowblow Lois #1111 (Captain), Booty Two-Shoes #96, Meow Wallace #1321, Preying Man Tease # 6T9, Scorcheon #64, Ova'Kill #11, Eurogasmic #6, Chantal Krazyasskick, The Teenanator #703

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