What is Innovate Raleigh?

Innovate Raleigh is a partnership between NC State University, the City of Raleigh, Raleigh Economic Development, Wake County Economic Development, and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance.  This partnership was established to catalyze innovation efforts in the Triangle region.  

On January 18th, 2012, Innovate Raleigh held the Raleigh Innovation Summit at the Raleigh Convention Center in order to "create a unified vision for the City’s innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives."  This event was attended by more than 180 people from diverse backgrounds, and the outcome of it is contained in this Raleigh Innovation Summit Final Report.

The main topics that were discussed during the summit centered around these four areas:

  • Creating an Innovation Center in Raleigh
  • Branding Raleigh as a City of Innovation
  • Creating Public/Private/University Partnerships
  • Attracting more funding to the region

Innovate Raleigh meetups

#INNOVATERAL are monthly meetings designed to showcase the innovations that are happening in Raleigh. There will also be three community meetings per year that have a workshop atmosphere designed to continue the conversation around the Innovate Raleigh initiative.  Schedule of meet-ups can be found at www.innovateraleigh.com and you can register for the meet-ups via Eventbrite at www.eventbrite.com (keyword Innovate).

Innovation / Entrepreneur resources in the triangle

The following page is intended to help map different assets and resources for innovators and entrepreneurs in the Triangle Region.

Innovate Raleigh events

January 24, 2013 Innovate Raleigh event held at 227 Fayetteville Street:

September 11, 2013

Innovate Raleigh steering committee

The steering committee includes members from Raleigh City Council, NC State, CED, Raleigh Chamber, Wake Tech Community College, Wake County Public Schools, and private business. They meet every two weeks to discuss items of interest and to advance the Innovate Raleigh movement.

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