Rhino Market Research provides a wide array of primary and secondary research needs for micro, small, and new businesses, by a small business. 

Our services include survey development and execution, competitive analysis, and focus group moderation.  The types of businesses we work with include other micro and small businesses including residential builders and developers, residential sub-contractors, restaurants, and local retail businesses in the Triangle and around North Carolina.  The focus of Rhino Market Research is in the business to make other businesses more profitable and successful by developing consumer based strategies into your business planning. 

Rhino Market Research evaluates the needs of the individual business in order to determine the best course of action to take so the the business can better understand their costumer and how to market to them, their competition and their competitive advantage, as well how the local and national economy affects their operations.

Check out our industry specific pages for Retail/Restaurant Industries and Residential Real Estate/Construction Industryas well as New Businesses.  Also, check out ourblog to learn more about what we do and follow us on twitter.

Phone: 919-538-9421

Email: jnolfo@rhinomarketresearch.com

Blog: http://jnolfo.wordpress.com/blog/ and www.rhinomarketresearch.com/blog







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