Kresge College, UC Santa Cruz
600 Kresge Court, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Weekdays 9AM-6PM
(831) 426-1506
Kresge Natural Foods Co-op on Facebook
Type of Cooperative
Membership/Purchasing coop
Membership Fees
No Membership Fee
"Nearly thirty years" ago
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Flexi Dollars

Aisles 1 and B The Kresge Food Co-op has been a Kresge College tradition since the 1970's, supporting small farmers, the UCSC Farm Project, and the Kresge Organic Garden. The Kresge Community Natural Foods Co-op is a non-profit student run food store located on the south side of Kresge behind Casa Luis Valdez. The co-op sells bulk goods, "natural" and organic foods, household goods, cooking supplies, and seasonal produce from the UCSC Farm and Garden. They also often sell handmade craft items.

Anyone can buy from the Co-op, and most customers are not members. Non-members can purchase a pre-paid tab if they plan on frequenting the Co-op often (say, between classes). Most members are staff, who voluntarily run the co-op for the community. However, by helping out for a day (unloading, restocking, cleaning, etc.) you can become a "working member" and receive a 10% discount for the week. If you really love the place, the co-op interviews for new staff quarterly.

An interesting feature of the co-op is their selection of free and low-cost, and sometimes utterly ridiculous to others, pamphlets and booklets, which are often of radical nature and span topics such as human rights, reproductive freedom, surveillance, vegetarianism and more.

The co-op also has a free-for-all box from which people may add or take. The artwork on the walls is worth the visit and the couch is pretty comfy too. Zines The staff are pretty friendly and are generally students "earning their keep" as part of the co-op. Bagel Station Free Box

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2009-12-16 20:47:53   Rock on! KCNF has been doing so much work: a new produce fridge, new bulk bins, lots more bulk, more organized store, dairy and EGGS!!! I love being in the store when it's full and clean and members are happy looking. Rock on! —ShannonClare

2011-01-23 04:41:54   I'm surprised, and delighted to hear it is still alive. It was in the Town Hall in the fall of 1976, and what looks like its present location from 1980 or so onward. There were times in the 80's, as the general culture— and Kresge— became more conservative, when I wondered if/how it would survive. I wonder how much history of this is in the University Archives. —

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