64,33'S, 63,35'W

Anvers Island got its name in 1898 during the famous voyage of the Belgica led by Adrien de Gerlache in reference to the city of Anvers (aka Antwerp), Belgium. Argentine maps list the island as Isla Amberes after the Spanish name for Antwerp, Amberes.

It is the largest island in the Palmer Archipelago, although the retreat of the Marr Ice Piedmont has revealed that several points or small peninsulas once thought to belong to Anvers are actually small islands themselves. Palmer Station has witnessed the emergence of several big giant huge such islands, most notably Amsler Island directly across Arthur Harbor

Site of several Antarctic bases over the last century, from the British Station N, the original Palmer Station (now known as "Old P"). Covered in the Marr Ice Piedmont, a body of ice that has seen dramatic changes over the last 50 years and that has greatly increased the size of The Backyard. Two significant points: Bonaparte Point and Gamage Point.

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