Occupy Wall Street began on September 17th as an ongoing protest against a fundamentally broken economic system. All of the Occupies are nonviolent, operate by consensus, and have no hierarchy of leadership or control.

The San Francisco Occupy began in the financial district, the west coast site of the Federal Reserve Bank and seat of extreme inequalities of wealth.

The movement is spreading rapidly across the city despite stiff opposition from City Hall. We march every Saturday at 3pm from Justin Herman Plaza. Occupations are springing up in neighborhoods across the city, have formed at many foreclosed homes in the Bayview, and at schools and universities as well. San Francisco Action Council brings together organizations and affinity groups from across the city who are part of the Occupy movement.

Police raids of peaceful encampents, complete with excessive force and inadequate warnings, continue. The situation on the ground is evolving rapidly.

The movement that took hold on September 17th, on Wall St in New York and at the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco, cannot be contained into any single area, into any patch of concrete or metal fence. These ideas are bigger than that, and they are growing.

Occupy San Francisco. Occupy Everywhere.

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